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BOLTCALC Convert CFX User Subroutines Archive
Energy Conversion Engineering Power Tools FLOWMASTER2 The Laminator
OmniCon 98 PhysProps Piping Systems
Fluid Flow
thermoPhysical Properties Generator

While we aim to provide you with links to useful Engineering software resources Engineering Resources Online can make no warranty to the accuracy or usability of the software listed here. If you've a package you'd like listed please send us a short review.

Updated 11 June 2000


BOLTCALC will determine whether or not a bolted joint will sustain the forces acting upon it. If the joint is being designed it can estimate the size of bolt required for the application. Once the bolt size has been estimated, or details of an existing joint have been entered, detailed calculations can be performed. The calculations will determine whether or not the bolt will fail by the joint not being clamped together sufficiently, direct overload of the bolt, or by fatigue failure.

A demo version is available. Requires Windows 9x or NT.

Overview provided by Bolt Science Ltd.

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CONVERT is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions! It's free to register.

Requires Windows 95, NT 3.51 (or later).

Overview by the author, Josh Madison.

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University of Illinois - CFX User Subroutines Archive maintained by David Creech.

An archive of user Fortran subroutines for adding functionality to the computational fluid dynamics software CFX.

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Energy Conversion 1.1 calculates thermodynamic and transport properties of gaseous, liquid, and solid species (TP, HP and SP) in U.S. customary and International units. It also contains coefficients for the calculation of physical properties. The user has the ability to use the coefficients to carry out independent engineering calculations involving physical properties of various species. Steam approximations for both saturated and superheated areas, the analysis of power cycles (Carnot, Brayton, Rankine, Otto, Diesel, Magnetohydrodynamics, and Fuel Cell), power cycle components and processes (compression, combustion, expansion, heat transfer, and mixing), and compressible flow (velocity of sound, Mach number, stagnation and static properties, nozzle, normal shock, diffuser, and thrust).

A Demo is available which requires Windows 3.x '9x or NT.

Overview by the authors, Engineering Software.

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ENGINEERING POWER TOOLS for Windows (3.x/9x) is a powerful engineering tool for use by both students and professionals. Over 70 programs and data tables are integrated into one easy-to-use package. The programs solve a wide variety of common engineering problems quickly and easily. Eliminates wasted time, hunting through manuals and performing manual calculations. With POWER TOOLS the information and formulas you need are only a click away. Categories include:

            - Math
            - HVAC
            - Mechanical
            - Electrical
            - Materials
            - Structural

The registered version allows saving and restoring of data files as well as printing of forms. POWER TOOLS can be easily networked.

Overview provided by the Power Tools Author, Engineering Power Tools is a "Shareware" program offered on a 30 days trial. The latest version supports the use of both U.S. and SI/Metric units.

Other reviews are available at:-

            The A.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Software Database
            ZD-Net (Ziff Davis) Software Archive

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FLOWMASTER2 is a unique interactive software package that simulates internal fluid flow. Engineers may model complete flow systems graphically in order to predict pressure, temperature and flow distribution.

Overview by FlowMaster International Ltd..

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The Laminator - Classical Analysis of Composite Laminates

The Laminator is a Windows 95/98/NT shareware engineering program that analyzes laminated composite plates according to classical laminated plate theory. Input consists of ply material properties, material strengths, ply fiber orientation and stacking sequence, mechanical loads and/or strains, and temperature and moisture loads. Output consists of apparent laminate material properties, ply stiffness and compliance matrices, laminate "ABD" matrices, laminate loads and mid-plane strains, ply stresses and strains in global and material axes, and load factors for ply failure based on Tsai-Hill, Hoffman, and Tsai-Wu failure theories.

The Laminator is a fully functional "Shareware" program. Online registration available ($20).

Overview provided by the author, Michael Lindell.

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OmniCon 98 is a unit conversion program designed to meet the high expectations of professional engineers and scientists. However, OmniCon's easy-to-use interface means that everyone can easily perform conversions without any instruction. OmniCon 98 ships with over 500 units in 43 physical quantities - it is therefore possible to perform thousands of unique conversions! If you find that a conversion you need is not provided in OmniCon 98,you are free to add your own custom units and custom physical quantities. OmniCon 98 is intelligent and only displays the maximum allowable number of significant figures available for a particular conversion. This function separates OmniCon 98 from all other unit conversion applications. OmniCon 98 uses American and Canadian Government standards as the source of its conversion factors for the utmost accuracy.

Please note OmniCon 98 is a "Shareware" program, this version is limited to running 45 times before registration.

Overview provided by Philip Jones Author of OmniCon 98.

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PhysProps is a chemical physical property data base and property estimating application. The database is composed of over 6,500 chemical specie names and their synonyms (both organic and inorganic). If your particular compound property is not in the database, it may be estimated from the estimation module.

A fully functional trial version is available for Windows 95/98/NT Systems.

Overview provided by G&P Engineering Software.

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Piping systems Fluid Flow has been developed to provide a total working environment for the hydraulic design, analysis or trouble shooting of new and existing piping systems.

This product is the culmination of over 10 years experience in the supply and development of fluid flow design products and our extensive knowledge gained from working with the major international pumping and fluid equipment manufacturers.

A free evaluation demo is available for down load, which requires Windows 95/98/NT.

Overview provided by Flite Software Ltd..

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Prode thermoPhysical Properties Generator provides a comprehensive collection of procedures for calculating thermodynamic and transport properties. Support for up to 1000 streams and up to 500 components per stream, databank with data for about 1000 chemicals (users can add up to 3000). This software integrates directly with a number of programs such as Microsoft EXCEL, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft FORTRAN, C, C++ etc.

Overview provided by Prode.

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TORQUE is a program which is designed to assist the Engineer in the solution of problems related to the torque tightening of threaded fasteners. The program determines both tensile stress due to the elongation of the fastener, and the torsional stress due to the applied torque. It accounts for the frictional effects in the thread and between the nut face and clamped surface. Account can also be made for the effects of a reduced shank diameter and a prevailing torque.

A demo version is available. Requires Windows 9x or NT.

Overview provided by Bolt Science Ltd.

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Xcalcs presents a series of engineering calculation forms & software for structural engineering calculations, with a friendly interface for direct usage on the web.

Xcals is a subscription service, with functional limitations for unregistered users.

IE4 Required, with IE5 Recomended - This site will NOT work with Netscape.

Overview provided by Xcalcs

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