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Updated 03 Oct 1999   Engineering Books

Our recommended books section is here. In assocation with & Engineering Resources Online aims to guide you to useful Engineering Texts, while & offers a convenient online book store for their purchase, either in Europe or in the United States.

Site Face Lift

A few cosmetic changes may be noted in images appearing around the site, but major chages have been carried out in the layout of "Resources", "Software" and the "Trade Show" pages. These changes have been to improve the clarity of information carried within these pages. Look out for more to come!

Pages changes within the "Companies A to Z" should mean you'll find the speed of page loading reappearing. Apologies to those finding redirection pages.

Thanks to all who've supported and contributed to Engineering Resources Online over this last year in our new domain.


The Search Engine

Well it's here - many thanks to Rob Stone, author of our search engine.

We're working towards getting the whole site worked into the Search Engine's data base. Constant development means that new site are always being added, if you'd like your company listed drop us a line.

Enhanced Listings....

Within the sections for Publications, Recruitment, Software & Trade Show we will accept "Banner Ad's" in the standard size format.

We can also offer enhanced listings thru the search engine. For some examples of these take a look at The People Development Company's A-Z listing or Opera's listing within a Software search. For further details of options available mail us.

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Fight for your right to standards! The WEB STANDARDS PROJECT (WaSP) is a collective effort of web developers and users. Their mission is to stop the fragmentation of the web, by persuading the browser makers that common standards are in everyone's best interest.

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HOT NEWS! Opera Software and Troll Tech agree to make Opera available on Linux Platform.

Email to Fax Gateway....

Are you looking for a premanent email connection, but can't aford the outlay on the connection?
The email to fax gateway lets you receive enquiries without delay, for more info email further details.

Home Page Hosting....

If you'd like to know more, mail further details.

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